Certified Angel Card Reader

Learn how to read Angel Cards and develop your skills as an intuitive reader. Includes the Angel Tarot Deck

Time: 6-8 hours        Investment: $230

Certified Medium

Learn how to read and interpret the messages crossed over loved ones are presenting to you.

Time: 6-8 hours        Investment: $220

Karma Releasing

Learn how to let go of the past and any contracts you have brought forth in this lifetime.

Time: 4 hours        Investment: $100

Intro to Crystal Healing

Learn a few layouts, how to clear your chakras and the meanings of several commonly used crystals. Includes the Crystal Bible 1.

Time: 6-8 hours        Investment: $230

Level 1 & 2 Usui Reiki

This is an introductory course that provides the student with the knowledge of how to do Reiki on themselves and clients. It teaches history and various techniques of Reiki.

Time: 2.5 days        Investment: $350

Advanced and Master Teacher Usui Reiki

Acquire a deeper understanding of the God connection to universal healing energy. Learn how to teach others.

Time: 2.5 days        Investment: $850

Level 1, 2 & Master Karuna Usui Reiki

Connect even more with the God source through a more refined
energy vibration. Learn the techniques and how to attune with Karuna Reiki.

Time: 2.5 days        Investment: $600

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