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Lisa M. Sobry is the author of several inspiring self-help books that provide emotional support for survivors of sexual abuse and many other painful problems. She selflessly shares her most painful experiences in the hopes that others who have had similar experiences can draw hope, strength, and inspiration from them.

I Survived, So Can You – $17.95 (purchase at

Anger, frustration, fear, worthlessness, determination, strength, resolve, and joy are all feelings that we experience at some point in our lives. Many of them can be caused by traumatic events such as death, birth, abuse, and success. Knowing that someone else has endured and survived gives us hope. Sharing these experiences allows us to begin our own healing process and assists countless others with theirs.

Within the pages of I Survived, So Can You, you’ll find inspiring stories and emotional support shared by everyday people just like you. The stories will shake you to the core of your being, stirring up emotions that you never
knew existed.

Each one is a genuine story, telling the real truth about what people live through on a daily basis. If you feel like you’re alone in your situation, you’ll know that you’re not. Someone else has suffered similarly. Have faith, trust in yourself, and believe that you can do the impossible. If these people can survive, so can you.

Divorcing Amy – $18.95 (purchase at

Divorcing Amy is the story of Alex and his divorce from Amy. Each time he agreed to her terms, she would change them. Follow him through 12 years and $25,000 of legal proceedings, and through his marriage in 1993 to his separation in 2005 and divorce in 2009.

Watch as Amy manipulates their children and the legal system. You’ll read how her children are mentally abused by a woman who wants ultimate control, and how Alex responds to her actions, the legal courses he takes, and how he moves away from a mentally abusive relationship to find himself.

Who I Truly Am – $38.99 (purchase at

How would you answer the following questions?

Who are you? Why are you here? Are you happy? Are you healthy? are you living in your truth? Is your life filled with love, peace and contentment?

If you answered “I don’t know” or “no” to any of these questions, this workbook can help you. It’s filled with daily exercises for releasing, clearing, loving, meditations, finding and following your life’s purpose. Each exercise is designed to reprogram and restructure the unhealthy patterns we develop in our lives. in this focused approach, you’ll develop your own self-awareness, use the healing power of crystal and seek the gentle guidance of angels.

Find out who you truly are. Open your heart, grab your pencil and start changing your life now.


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Finding My Way-Opening To Mediumship –  $17.95 (coming soon)

(Release date 2014)

Price may be higher once published.

Finding My Way-Opening To Mediumship is Sobry’s story of how Sobry discovered her gift as a medium. She shares profound experiences during some of her readings that helped her grow spiritually and validated her new found gift. This book is the perfect read for anyone thinking of or starting mediumship as Sobry shares do’s and don’ts and encourages beginners to take that next step in their spiritual growth and discovery. A must read for anyone that is considering having a medium session.

Powerful Survival Books

Lisa M. Sobry has written a series of powerful survival books detailing her survival of sexual abuse, betrayal, loss, and pain. Her hope is that her stories of survival can inspire others who have suffered as she has to rise up and survive to do something good with their lives.

I Survived – $17.95 (purchase at

I Survived is a book of raw emotion, abuse, and chaos detailed with the clarity of hindsight and healing. Lisa says, “I firmly believe everything happens for a reason, and the reason I survived was to write this book so others know they are not alone.” Excerpt:




Awakening – $17.95 (purchase at

The sequel to I Survived is Awakening. As life continued on with its many challenges and dramas, Lisa forged ahead to find the inner peace she knew existed. With each new spiritual teaching she learned, a major drama occurred in her life, challenging the very core of her beliefs.

Join her in her spiritual journeys in Southern Manitoba, Central America, and the United States, and observe the dramas, feel the pain and anguish, integrate the lessons, and grasp the concept of the spiritual joy she experienced.


Enduring – $17.95 (purchase at

Enduring is the sequel to both I Survived and Awakening and takes place after her business closed, her family ties were cut, and friendships ended. Secret enemies formed alliances and jealousy and anger raged as her dreams were destroyed.

As anyone would, she desperately clung to them as long as she could, but in the end, she was left empty, with a feeling of failure. She had two choices: move forward and work through it, or give up and resign herself to deep depression and a life of sadness.


New Beginnings $17.95 Coming Soon

(Release date 2015)

New Beginnings is the fourth in the series following I Survived, Awakening, and Enduring. After the challenges faced in British Columbia, Lisa thought she finally had new beginnings with her move to Ontario. It didn’t take long before she realized she was mistaken. The financial pressures of declaring bankruptcy six years ago and closing her business followed her to her new land of promise.

The death of her step-grandfather and the stress of moving her step-grandmother off the farm, as well as the bullying and harassment she received at work, were too much to cope with. She began drinking to deal with the inner chaos. She knew she needed to make some changes—and so she decided to return to school.

Join Sobry over the next year of her existence and understand the strength and endurance possessed by this woman as she struggles to move forward. Even though her life was filled with challenges, she managed to find moments of elation as well. New Beginnings will be available in April 2015.

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